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The Princess Diaries

Here’s another (very) brief review for you. After shuffling through my DVD shelf, I found The Princess Diaries. So, I popped it in and here I am.

The plot is very simple – a 15 year-old girl (Anne Hathaway) living in San Francisco finds out her grandmother (Julie Andrews) is the Queen of Genovia, a fictional country located between France and Spain. She must choose between the invisible nobody she is, and the rights and responsibilities she would have if she were to accept her title as Princess.

There really isn’t much beneath the surface here. The jokes are exactly as you would expect: Hathaway’s character having trouble understanding the finer points of Princess behavior, and her grandmother completely out of touch with modern American culture. The plot is simple and straightforward; not much in the way of twists or turns.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Just because the plot is predictable doesn’t make it boring. On the contrary, I found it enjoyable. If you want a deep moving experience, keep looking. But if all you need is a quick romp, or a family-friendly film (as only Disney can deliver) that won’t leave the grownups bored to tears, I would give it a chance.


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