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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I saw this two weeks ago, just haven’t had time to upload the review. Final exams and other things ended up getting in the way. Anyway, I really liked this one. My biggest criticism of the book was that it could have been more accurately named Harry Potter and the Endless Camping Trip. The movie adaptation cuts out a lot of the tedious unimportant parts, allowing the better scenes to shine.

Since this is so recent, i’m not going to give a plot summary to avoid spoilers. I assume that most people have already read the book, but the film handles some things differently, so i’ll refrain from spoiling it.

Unlike most of the last four or so Harry Potter films, this one stays mostly faithful to the book. Where they cut or altered something, it was generally to the scene’s benefit. Dobby’s death, for example, had more of an impact on me in the movie than I remember it having when I read it.

Another thing I really have to give them credit for is the special effects. CGI effects have gotten much better over the course of the series, and they really stunned me. I could swear that characters like Dobby were real actors.

If you haven’t seen it already, I really strongly suggest that you do. When you get to the theater, you’ll want to skip the extra large soda and opt for a small. There really aren’t any good times to take a bathroom break without missing something substantial. If you really have to, then the part where Harry infiltrates the Ministry of Magic is probably the best time to do it, but even that scene I enjoyed. Really, go see this.


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